Change to NIC collection for Self Employed

From this tax year, Class 2 National Insurance  Contributions (NIC) will be collected through Self Assessment along with Class 4 National Insurance Contributions in an attempt to streamline the process.

Under the current system, Class 2 NIC is calculated automatically and collected via direct debit. However, from July 2015, the direct debit will automatically cease with no need to take any further action.

If you are employed as well as Self Employed and paying Class 1 NIC, this will also mean you will no longer have to apply for a Self Employed Exception Certificate from 6 April 2015 cutting down on cumbersome admin.

Are you Self Employed and approaching state retirement age? You pay Class 2 NIC up until you reach 65 and not a day after. However, Class 4 National Insurance is different and is paid right up to 5 April in the year you turn 65. If you think you have overpaid, further details can be found on the National Insurance office page through the GOV.UK website.

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