What are millennials looking for in a role? How does this differ to Generation Z?

What is a millennial? 

Millennials are a group of people who have reached adulthood around 2000. Speaking as one myself, they have high expectations of technology, having always had use of the internet and generically speaking tend to adopt to new technology quickly compared to previous generations. 

According to *Deloitte's 2016 Millennial Survey, in general they express little loyalty to their current employers, and values overtake a need for leadership-skill development.

So what are the millennials looking for in a job role?

  • They choose organisations to work for that share their personal values
  • Flexible working, better work/life balance
  • Have a desire to succeed
  • Prefer a Flat structure over hierarchy

Generation Z (the new kids on the block)

The Generation Z are a group who are not aware of a world outside the internet. Born after 1995, they are used to getting everything instantly but still they're a social group, with their lives played out through social media.

Generation Z Career expectations?

Generally speaking, they want to make their hobby their job, they believe in their own network getting them opportunities over qualifications and like the millennials don't believe in a hierarchy at work. 

The fundamental elements remain the same as the millennials, with values and flexible working remaining high on the list. This doesn't mean however they do not want to be successful. 


Further reading;

* http://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/millennialsurvey.html 


Post By Caroline

Post By Caroline

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