Employment Allowance is £3,000 from April, but can you still claim?

The allowance gives relief from Employer NIC up to £2,000 rising to £3,000 from April, and can be claimed at the start of the tax year.


This allowance will not be available to to employers if they,

  • Employ someone for household work ie Nanny, gardener, cleaner
  • Already claim the allowance through a connect company or charity
  • Are a public authority such as a council
  • Carry out functions either wholly or mainly of a public nature such as NHS Services, debt collection for a government department, GP . This doesn't include supplying IT services, providing security or cleaning for a government building. 

Further restriction for one director only companies...

The July Budget (and again in consultation in January 2016) announced that from 2016, employers who are director only companies will be excluded from claiming the employers allowance.

If you are a one director company and wish to take on a member of staff, they must be paid over £8,060 in order to claim the allowance.


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