Update on abolishment of tax relief on Travel & Subsistence via Employment Intermediaries

HMRC have now stopped accepting comments to the proposed removal of home to work travel and subsistence relief where an individual is engaged through a PSC or Umbrella Company and under Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC). Contracts which fall within IR35 will no longer be eligible to apply for tax relief for travel and subsistence on their ordinary commute.

Under proposed rules, HMRC will look at the extent to which SDC applies and whether in fact they should be on the payroll.

In our latest blog, we explore what HMRC means by 'Supervision,  Direction and Control'...


Is there someone overseeing their work? And not only that they are doing it, but this is done to a certain standard?


Is someone making sure the work is done a certain way? Do they offer instruction, advice and guidance on how it should be done?


Does someone dictate what work is done and how to go about doing it? Does someone have the power to move you on to a different task?


Any changes will be confirmed in the Autumn statement, and will come into effect from April 2016. If you are unsure whether you will be affected by these changes, we would recommend that you seek professional advice sooner rather than later. 

We would also recommend that you have PAYE investigation protection in place should HMRC open an enquiry into your tax and National Insurance affairs which will cover you for professional fees incurred whilst bringing the enquiry to a closure.

We can offer this from as little as a £5 per month offering you peace of mind. 


if you are unsure as to what the proposed changes will mean for you, please contact Brian or Caroline for further information on 0845 303 1144 or email info@coopercurtis.co.uk 

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