Cooper Curtis Summer Budget Reflection and Highlights

There were some significant announcements following Wednesday's Summer Budget from the new non-coalition Government. It was a mixed week for companies, with the corporation tax rate falling to 18% by 2020 and a freeze on the Annual Investment Allowance at £200,000 encouraging business spending.

One of the biggest reforms announced in the budget will affect family companies paying themselves and spouses dividends up to the basic rate band. From April 2016, this may no longer be as tax advantageous with the abolishment of the notional tax credit and a dividend tax free allowance of only £5,000. We will wait to see how this will work once the draft legislation is released.

Buy to let landlords with large property portfolios will be stung with the restriction of higher rate tax relief on interest paid on mortgages. However, rent a room relief has been encouraged with a tax free amount rising from £4,250 to £7,500 in April 2016.

As expected, for high earners with income over £150,000, pension tax relief will be restricted and the Chancellor's war on Non-Domiciles means from 2017 they can no longer escape Inheritance Tax on UK held properties. 

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